How to Choose “The Perfect Running Shoes” (Infographic)

If you are looking for the perfect running shoes then it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what type of shoes you are looking for. There are many different shoes and it is built up for different foot types.

Well many of us want to know, What is the best running shoe? and how to buy and what features to be in. So for that, I have outlined some simple steps for you to follow.


Step-1 know your Track

The basic and simple way to know that, you are buying shoes for which kind of track like Synthetic, it is for the professional athlete and next is Grass and turf track, a track in which motion control shoes can help to make continuous and good contact with the ground.

Dirt track in which cushioning shoes will help and the last one is the Asphalt track, where stability shoes play important role in making good contact with the ground and also with the shoe grip.

Step-2 Know your Foot type

Basically many have different foot shapes or foot types and accordingly the shoes are made. The type of foot is Supination, neutral, and Pronation. So choose shoe wisely according to your foot shape and it should be wide in front and a fit in the rear end for more comfort.

Step-3 Know your Laces

There are ways to tie lace-like if we see Hammer Toes, in which the lace is so shaped that it keep the toe straight and Heel slipping lace, gives you a compact fit and keeps your heel in place so that tie cant slip instead fits in the place.

Next high arches lace where the shape of lace is so made simple and it removes pressure point from places.

Step-4 choose the right running shoe

Well, the most important step is to find or choose the best shoe for you. Considering the above 3 steps you got some idea about how to choose your shoes and so when buying consider the above steps.

Step-5 Go to your local running store

Now you got an idea of what type of shoe you are looking for. When buying make sure you buy shoes in the evening time at that time our foot size gets a bit more swelling type and so if that time you buy shoes then it would be great for further use.

Step-6 Try and Ensure proper fit

Make sure you have enough space in the toe and also the width. After choosing perfect running shoes do not forget to talk a walk or run in the store to check whether it fits properly or not.

Note– When buying you must consider the above points for the perfect running shoe.

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